Sunday, November 18, 2007

Route 66 - Short Report

Well here's the skinny for tonight. We are back home, it was a beautiful day to race, it started out at 45 degrees at the start and finished in the mid 60's I think, little to no wind, AND it stayed mostly cloudy the entire time. Now if you could have just gotten rid of the Hills from Hell between Miles 23 and 25 it would have been near perfect. There were like 6 hills in that span that just kept coming at you....very overpowering to the mind.

Before I forget, Bonnie ran the "Quarter Marathon" there today and did a very respectable 1:27:32 which equates to a pace of 13:21. She actually ran this 6.55 miles faster than she ran her 10K (6.2 miles) back in October (1:28:22 pace 14:13). I'm just waaaaay proud of her for her tremendous efforts. She does all this while juggling work and putting up with me.

Me on the other hand, well I did ok. I finished going across the finish line vertically, which as I mentioned above the last hills were worse than the worse sex I've ever had.

Total Distance: 26.2 miles
Total Time: 5:29:34 (chip time)
Pace: 12:34
Avg HR: 153 Max HR: 167

I was hoping for a time around 5:15 but I'll take this time, it's 26 minute improvement over the marathon time (5:56) that I did in September. Even with the hills I can't really say that I saw a wall today, not like I did in September. I did get tired and I had to talk myself thru a few points but overall I had fun. Tonight I do have a sore left knee. I've been icing it and will ice again when I get done here.....what should I do with it tomorrow....more ice?

I do have a few photos that I'll try to get up with a longer report tomorrow sometime. The first leg of the Marathon Maniac quest is now history!!!!


Backofpack said...

Good job Randy! I think that 5:29 is quite respectable.

As for the knee - ice and ibuprofin, rest up this week. As long as it is bothering you, keep the ice going. I've notice that the day of the marathon things might ache (usually knee, foot or ITB) but are fine the next day. Hopefully that'll be true for you too!

Darrell said...

An improved time even with those hills. Smile, man, smile. That's good stuff, Randy.

Congratulations and check another one off the list!

Jess said...

Congratulations Randy! 5:29 is a very respectable time!

runliarun said...

Congratulations, that's a considerable PR! I had to think about those hills, worse than the worst sex, hmmm...

Pat said...

great job. I'm just now catching up on some of the blogs. I read all your marathon posts today.

have a happy thanksgiving.