Sunday, November 04, 2007

Saturday Stroll

We did our last long run yesterday, a 20 mile repeat of a route we did in August as our final long run before the Lewis and Clark Marathon...this time I'm two weeks away from the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon. I feel like I'm ready. I had thought of going beyond 20 miles but I felt good when I got to the 20 mile point, tired but good.

The run was pretty much uneventful, I ran with one of my normal buddies for about 1.5 or so miles. We did a 1 minute run/walk interval up to that point and I was warmed up and I took off. We had water spotted at roughly each 3 mile point.

I was able to run to the first water stop from that 1.5 mile point, roughly 1.75 miles further. I only stopped for a bathroom break on the next three mile stretch and then walked again to get water. Things progressed that way until I got out to the 17 mile point and I started to get a bit tired...I never felt the "wall" like I had done in our 20 mile training run in August and during the marathon in September, but our temperatures were alot cooler yesterday, mostly in the 40's and low 50's.

***Run Update*** - I was just informed that I failed to mention that my biggest supporter joined us at Mile 14 and ran the last 6 miles with Clyde. She is such a trooper, even if she did get to sleep later than I did...Bonnie has come so far so quickly...she's registered now to run the Quarter Marathon at the Tulsa Route 66 event on November 18.

In August I completed the 20 miles in 4:55:14....yesterday I did the same distance in 4:15:31.....40 minutes quicker!!!!

Today the bottom of my feet are a bit sore, behind the 5th metatarsal on both feet, not sure what is going on there and I leave town tomorrow morning before I can talk to my coach.


Total Distance: 20 miles
Total Time: 4:15:31
Pace: 12:46 (woohoo....not as fast as some..but better than 14:37 in August!!!)
Avg HR: 143 Max HR: 160

Lap 1: 14:49
Lap 2: 17:50
Lap 3: 11:12
Lap 4: 11:49
Lap 5: 12:38
Lap 6: 12:10
Lap 7: 11:32
Lap 8: 11:40
Lap 9: 13:59
Lap 10: 11:36
Lap 11: 11:47
Lap 12: 12:13
Lap 13: 11:56
Lap 14: 13:15
Lap 15: 13:48
Lap 16: 13:20
Lap 17: 12:28
Lap 18: 12:12
Lap 19: 12:47
Lap 20: 12:21

***One More Update*** Splits for this run....1st half 2:09:15...2nd half 2:06:07

I've got to pull a 12:35 or better pace out of some pocket somewhere to get in under 5:30:00 in Tulsa. Can I do that? That is 10 seconds faster per mile than what I did yesterday. I felt strong to the heart felt good, I never felt like I was every overtaxing we shall see what happens.


Backofpack said...

Nice improvement Randy! Is there a cut-off in Tulsa? Is that why you have to pull that time? I'm sure you can do it, just stay focused and keep moving forward.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the 20-miler! Much progress since August... only two months ago!

runliarun said...

A 40 minute improvement over 3 months, that's tremendous. Keep it up!

Wes said...

Nothing like a little race adrenaline to shave 10 seconds per mile. You can do it!!

Curious about the foot thing. I have a bruise in the middle of my left foot right dab in the middle of the pad. I'm really careful about landing flat footed so my entire foot supports my weight.

Marcy said...

LMAO Randy. I love how you have "stroll" in the title. I guess when you run that much it really is a stroll LOL

J~mom said...

WOW!!! What a huge improvement!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Jess said...

You can run a quarter of the marathon? That's pretty cool. Best of luck to you in the upcoming race!

Mendy said...

Randy, that's just awesome! Wow, what an improvement over the 2 20 milers - 40 min is a very long time. To add to that, your 2nd half being faster than your first.

Way to go! Can't believe you already have another one, but they say back to back marathons is better than having to start training all over again.

Pat said...

good run. you'll do great in Tulsa. just remember the real prize is the 3 marathons in 3 months, you soon to be maniac.

Darrell said...

Looks like you are ready for a PR to me. Isn't it nice to have that last long one done before the big day?