Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just a bit of history about who I am. I'm Randy, a 51 year old quadruple cardiac bypass survivor. I had my surgery on April 9, 2005. I was able to bounce back fairly quickly, finishing a 12 week rehab program in only 6 weeks. That was followed by an immediate job relocation from Texas to Oklahoma.
I've been working out with relative steadiness since August 2006, first walking outdoors with my wife until late November. Then with the cold weather we took the walking inside on our treadmill. To keep that from becoming too boring I started to jog just a bit on the treadmill and found that I liked it.
I started doing 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill at a 4 mile per hour pace. Since the first of the year I've started to jog most if not all of the 30 minutes at a 5 mile per hour pace.
This past Sunday I ran about 6.5 miles of the Houston Marathon helping my younger brother (47) complete his first full marathon.
Well the bug has bitten and now I'm interested in training to eventually run my first marathon.
Just over 20 years ago I was running 5-8 miles a day, 5 days a week on an indoor jogging path when I lived in Wyoming. I discovered then that I enjoyed running and only wish today that I had kept that exercise up and maybe I wouldn't have the "zipper" on my chest. Oh well, can't change the past but I am in control of my future.
Tonight or later I will post a couple of photos from the marathon of me and of my brother. I'm really proud of him and his accomplishment.

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