Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today is Saturday, January 20, 2007, I ran 3.084 miles. This brings my January total to 38.202. If this is a beginning, what will I be doing in a year from now. The funny thing is that I can still remember the days immediately after my cardiac bypasses when it was such an effort to just walk down the hall of the hospital, and a few days later when at home I got brave enough to venture down the sidewalk to the mailbox and back and thought I had run a long distance race to finish that very short distance. So when I stop to think about those days, it helps to put this day in better perspective. It helps to have walked in those shoes, even if they were house shoes, or shoes that someone else had to put on me at that point in time.

Today I feel good, today I am thankful that I can exercise, today I am thankful I can run, it feels so glorious to take a deep breath and be able to smile at the problems of the world. Thank you Lord.

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