Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just a quick post here before jumping off to church. I finished the 5k yesterday morning and despite the wind, over 20mph and the cold temps 31 degrees I finished in a personal best for me. My time in my age group bracket says that I finished in 35:59, so I think that allows me to say that I finished in "under 36 minutes". I was shooting for a 38 or 39 minute time frame, so woooooohoooooo. There were 10 of us in m age bracket, 50-54 and unfortunately I finished 10/10.

Well next Saturday is another 5k, and my primary goal will be to finish the run of course. Secondary goals will be to finish under 35 minutes, run more - walk less, finish ahead of at least one person in my age group.

As soon as BOLD, my wife, gets the photos off her phone I should have a couple of photos from yesterday's run.

We also met a young college freshman runner yesterday that was at the run all alone, and BOLD, being her shy self, volunteered to hold his bag for him while he ran the 5k with me. Well he really "ran" the race, finishing in just 21 minutes even. Way to go TM. He was wonderfully nice and polite, refusing to call BOLD by her first name, insisting that he call us Mr & Mrs........what chivalry his Mom has taught him...such manners are not often found today. Anyway he too will be runnnig next Saturday so we will be looking for him as well.

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