Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a Windy Day

Good intentions gone bad. I took my lovely wife to Lake Hefner and she was going to walk the park as I ran my 5.5 miles or so. However, the wind had a mind of it's own and I ended up running only 2.0 miles. She was able to walk the same distance so we both benefited.

My first mile was in 9:53 and the second ballooned out to 12:58 due to fighting the very gusty wind. So I decided to call it a day. I figured 2 miles were better than none. Plus we could always do the neighborhood after church tonight.

Woohoo as I type this our new bedroom furniture is being delivered and set up. For the first time in her life my lovely wife has a bedroom set that all matches.

Somewhere this week I have to find a time and place to do at least an 8 mile or maybe a 10 mile run.

Oh yes ran in the new shoes and had no problems with the shins today at all. That is a wonderful feeling again. Plus the left heel did not hurt either.

Overall a good day.


Phil said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always like new readers. You've got to be about the same age as me. I graduated from UCLA in '77.

I'm impressed. Heart surgery at a young age will really wake you up. Most of us that start running "later" in life get some sort of wake-up call. My epiphany came 4 years ago as I was bending over to tie my shoes. I nearly passed out from the pressure of my gut pressing against my diaphragm. I knew in that moment that I needed to do something or I wouldn't reach my 55th birthday.

You'll enjoy blogging. I've met the nicest group of people through this medium. So far I've actually had a chance to meet up with 3 of them face-to-face. These are just great people. The more experienced runners are more than happy to help out the newer people and the newer runners struggling to hit a PR in a 5K, or run their first half-marathon provide inspiration for the rest of us.

Since you're new to blogging there are a couple of tools that you may not know about yetthat you'll find very helpful.

BLOGLINES. This tool allows you to track your favorite blogs and will inform you if anyone posts new content to the blog. It's very useful when you start tracking 50 or 60 blogs.
SITE METER - This tool allows you to see who hitting your site. It doesn't give you the name, but does give you the IP Address and Location. It's very helpful to keep track of who is lurking about.
RUNNING AHEAD - This tool is a very good on-line training log. It lets you link it directly to your blog so others can see your actual training. Plus it is easy to use and very flexible.

Good luck and stop by again.

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Thanks Phil, yes we are just about the same age, tho I believe you have a bit on me as far as run times are concerned, but I don't let that bother me. I'm like a sponge trying to learn all that I can and working to not overdo anything.

My goal is to finish the OKC half marathon and then look to the future to see what my body says that it will be willing to try after that.

Thanks for the tips, I'll be trying them over the next week or so.

Tomorrow I travel to the Houston area, actually between Houston and Galveston for about 4 days of meetings. I'll be trying to run there when I can and I have 5k here locally next Saturday.

Thanks again, and visit often.