Monday, March 05, 2007


Here are several photos that Bonnie took before and during the Deer Creek 5k run on March 3, 2007. It was a cold day and the first photo shows just how cold. I had many layers on and was still cold in the 20+ mph wind. The wind was the worst on the last 2k back to the finish line.
This next photo is the young man that we met before the race started. His name is Tyson, he is a freshman at OU I believe. He finished the 5k in 21:00 and stayed with Bonnie at the finish line until I came across later. He was a runner in high school but hasn't run competitively since then. He will be at the Panea Beacon on the Bay run this next Saturday so we will look for him there as well. Go Tyson, awesome finish.
This course had 2 fairly large elevation changes, one going out and one coming back. I'm not sure how much of an elevation change occurred but it made you realize that you were not on flat ground anymore.
In approaching the finish line, I knew that I would finish and that I still had enough to sprint a bit. When I could see the clock at the finish line I realized that I had a remote chance of finishing in under 36 minutes. I sprinted and even as I finished I knew it would be close and it was. I finished in 35:59, but just enough to say that I completed my first 5k in under 36 minutes. A far cry from Tyson's 21 minutes, but I'll take it. For a 51 year old former quadruple bypass patient to this is a good start I believe.
Improvements to come in the future.

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