Friday, March 23, 2007

Since Saturday I ran the same 8k route on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Monday I ran it in 1:03:15, not as good as Saturday, drats. However, on Tuesday I ran in 1:00:56 a better time than either of the other days. On Monday my shins hurt for maybe the first 2.5-3 miles and then got better. On Tuesday they only hurt during mile 2 and were better after that. Tuesday it felt good to be running.

However, on Wednesday when I got up I had a problem with my left heel and I just learned today that I strained some tissue that ties there and then runs up the ball of the foot and ties there as well. I can't remember the technical name for it but it is better today.

Also, today I got professionally fitted for a better shoe, turns out to be a New Balance. They feel good but I'm holding off running in them until tomorrow. No race this weekend which is good as we have some furniture being delivered tomorrow, so I will run sometime after that.

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