Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bonnie with "John Boy Walton"

Does anyone remember the TV show "The Walton" and Richard Thomas as John Boy Walton? We ran into Richard in Silverton, Colorado last summer and Bonnie, being the shy person she is, managed to ask him for a photo opportunity. He was glad to oblige, taking a minute out of his shopping with his wife.

We had seen him in a local restaurant and when he and wife got up to leave, they walked right by Bonnie as we were leaving as well. The area of the restaurant where they sat all yelled after them..."Good night John Boy".


J~Mom said...

Of course I remember the Waltons!! What a classic show! That is a great pic! How fun to meet John Boy!

Mary Christine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary Gee said...

I Love John Boy and the rest of the Waltons! How exciting.

Good night John Boy.

teacherwoman said...

Even I remember the Walton's! Nice pic!

And awesome job with the PR! You are quite the speed demon now!

Marcy said...

SWEET!!!! How cool is that!!! Great pic!!

Mendy said...

Neat!! I don't remember the Waltons, but I do know who John Boy is, for some reason.. maybe E's true hollywood story or something. Anyway! She looks so happy! How cool.

Nikki said...

Ohh look how beautiful Bonnie is!!!

Great OP with John Boy :P

Anonymous said...

Well said.

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