Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gusher Gallop 5k Photos

My wife is my biggest supporter...she's taken photos of me at just about every race, or at least attempted to. The camera gave her some problems at the first couple of races but she's so diligent and works hard to get pics. She got several good pics for the Gusher Gallop yesterday, then we didn't take our smaller camera to the Bricktown Blaze and as a result we didn't get any pics of her running there with me, what a heel I can be.

Yes I'm in the yellow "mustard" shirt again. Here I am with Bill Morris another member of the Edmond Running Club...we are discussing the weather, it was in the mid to high 50's at race time with a 5-10 mph wind from the south and there was rain in the area so the wind was a bit nippy at times.

For those that have been around "Boston" Bill Rodgers, they should know about his tousled hair, here I am at the start with my attempt to mimic his hair style for I well know I cannot mimic his racing abilities.

Coming to the finish line, I had played tag with the lady in the green shorts for the past 1 or 2 km's. I wanted to beat her, but the official time says we crossed the finish exactly together, 33:06. As I mentioned in my post yesterday this was a PR for me in a 5k, I shattered my previous best by almost 2 minutes....I hope that says I'm improving.

Leg report the day after the two 5k's: No pain from either leg, left leg gave me just a slight problem last night on the one hill we had to run in the Bricktown Blaze, but it went away and was not an issue at the finish line.


Marcy said...

I can't believe you did 2 5K's in one day! You rock!!! Love the pics!! I think it's so sweet that your wife is so supportive!!

I totally would've tripped the woman in the green shorts LOL JK!!! It's nice to have some competition at the end, give you a little run for you money ;)

50 degrees, huh? That's like sun bathing weather here :P

Mary Gee said...

Two 5 Ks. And you look fabulous, mustard color and all. thanks so much for your support. I finally posted about my race...

Nikki said...

ohhhhh YOU DID IT!!! Two in one day..GREAT GREAT JOB!!!

I bet you never thought,2 years ago, you would be soo healthy!

I know you have to be proud of yourself! And your wife:)

Does she blog btw? I wouldn't mind reading hers :p

Congrats and I"m glad your leg is doing good!

Nikki said...

oh and I wanted to add..its clear to me that you beat the lady in green shorts :p

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Hi Nikki - I thought I had her beat too...but the timer says differently...oh well.
Bonnie doesn't blog, at least not yet, maybe I can get her going that direction.
Thanks for the compliments...I agree I would have never thought I would be doing this much two years ago.

Unknown said...

Great job on your 5Ks! Awesome job! 50 degrees sounds awesome...this time of year, it's 80 degrees at 5 am! yuck!

Backofpack said...

Whoo-hoo! Two 5Ks in a day and still feeling good! You have every right to be proud of yourself. And a big congrats to Bonnie too - she did great!

Darrell said...

You did two races in one day and did them well, woo hoo. Congrats on the PR and on feeling well after all was said and done.

Supportive wives are the best. I'm lucky to have one two (although she doesn't run).

Nikki said...

Randy, what were you doing in Alberta?

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Great job!!!!! Your rocked it!!!!! So proud of you Randy!! You have worked so hard for your health for those cute grandbabies and now look at you setting PRs!!!

Michelle said...

Way to go, Randy!!

Love the pics! You look so good running!!!

Mendy said...

2 Min off a 5K time, is an AWESOME proof of improvement. Wow, and 2 5K's in one day. I've never did that.

Pics are great, and you look so happy out there!!! said...


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