Monday, May 07, 2007

Rain-out Morning

Well it was a rather stormy night in Oklahoma. This morning the lightning was still popping with too much frequency to make running safe so I opted to sleep in for a bit.

This weekend was great. Bonnie and I spent time with our grandkids down in Dallas as they were there to visit another set of grandparents for two weeks. We did get in a short 2 mile run yesterday morning. We were chased briefly by a rather large dog. He seemed to be alot of bark until he dashed at Bonnie and got close enough to touch her with his nose, fortunately his teeth were not bared at the time. A good samaritan drove up behind us and attempted to put his truck between the dog and us and at that point the dog returned home. Close call none the less. Makes me think about pepper spray at least when we are in neighborhoods that we don't know.

I still have an elusive pain in my left leg, midway between knee and ankle (front side), very localized and doesn't feel like shin splints at all. Advil helps and it seems to dissipate when I either walk or run for a bit on it. Is it possible to have a stress fracture of one of the two bones in that area from running? I have not hit my leg on anything. Frustrated.


teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear you made it out alive after the dog!

There was a point in time this winter that I thought I was experiencing a stress fracture because it felt like no other pain I had had before. Turns out, I was doing too much in one week. I think what was bothering my legs the most was my intervals, running very fast and longer distance. Too much impact with little stretching. Do you run straight with no breaks? Maybe on your easier runs try the Run/Walk method?

As far as the tables on my sidebar go, I actually got them from Wes. He emailed me the format and I can do the same for you, if you wish. Then you just fill in the information!

Let me know if you would like them!

J~Mom said...

Oh boy, I am sorry about the dog, that sounds scary!!

Hmm...I don't know about the injury. I think sometimes that muscle can pull away a bit and be like a shin splint but not a full blown one. I hope it gets better fast!

Marcy said...

WHooaaaaa that's pretty scary with the dog!! I'm glad you both made it out unscathed.

I don't know about the injury :( All I seem to get are shin splints. I hope it gets better for you though!

Backofpack said...

From what I know, a stress fracture would be very localized and would hurt to the touch. Eric had a pretty severe tissue injury a year ago - we're still not sure what caused it, but it took six weeks to heal.

Try icing it - put ice in a dixie cup and freeze. After it is frozen, rip the top half of the cup off and hold it by what's left. Stroke the injured area with the ice cup, starting at the ankle and moving towards the knee. Do this after every run, and maybe in the evening too. If it is a bit of tendonitis it will help within a week or two - oh, and keep the ibuprofin going too.

On the walk breaks...I run 9 minutes, walk 1. I do it every single time I run - whether it's a 5K or a 50K. I wear a Polar heart monitor that has a rolling timer on the watch - so I set it to 9/1 and it just rolls through the intervals for me. The nice thing about the 9/1 is that you know you are always going to walk on a 9 and run on a 0, so a quick glance at the watch tells you where you are. I did 7/1 on my first few marathons and found it very confusing!

Phil said...

It's possible to get a stress fracture in your femur, but more likely it is soft tissue related. "backofpack" has the right idea (as she usually does). Keep icing it and stay away from the hills for a few weeks. Unfortunately, you aren't 20 anymore and these things take a while to heal.

Tiggs said...

hey- thanks for the comment on my tat. I have 4, but this was the first w/o the normal gun. Hurt less, healed much faster- literally healed in week. So are you working towards your first marathon or have you done one (or many) already? I've done one and ran the Houston half 3 times. This year will be my first try for the Houston full!