Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I"m not Crazy!!!!! My Posts Really were Disappearing

I don't know what happened this morning....Supernatural Hyper Internet Trauma I guess...giggling at my cleverness.

The professional trainer wasn't all that great. He was a young kid, must have just graduated college since they only hire degreed folks as PT's at this gym, but he has only been working there for about a week. He was very unsure of himself and had an accent worse than folks from Arkansas. Once he found out that I wasn't interested in any other training sessions with him or in buying any vitamins or other supplements he pretty much sent me on my way. Will be interesting to hear what Bonnie thought of him as she was scheduled with him the hour after my time with him. He says that my body fat was a 35, I think that might be slightly high, my cardio workout went really good which I expected. He first tried to measure body fat using an electronic caliper that didn't work and only was successful in pinching me big time. He finally got it measured with a manual gadget. I wasn't impressed at all.

My run this morning got rained out, but I think I mentioned that in one of the three posts that got lost and then were found....hallaluah (sp).....

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