Saturday, June 02, 2007

Still No Mud - But Here Are Some Photos

Here I am at one of the entrance gates into the Teva Mountain Game areas in Vail. They have done a great job in setting things up and there are a number of booths, sort of an outdoor expo style thing. The SWAG continues to grow, yesterday on Friday, I got another T-shirt, water bottles, key chains, beach towel, even a pine tree seedling to take home and plant. It's been awesome so far.

This is my younger brother, Ben, at the Betty Ford Flower Garden in Vail. Some of the flowers are in bloom but so many of them are still maybe a month away from blooming and it will be more fabulous probably by the end of June or early July.

This is one of the female kayakers "practicing" for a rodeo like competition where they are in a timed event and have to perform a number of moves, some more difficult than others and worth more points. The water temperature was said to be around 40 degrees F. That is a bit too nipply for me. I don't even think I would want to put my leg in the creek to soak after a run, much less intentionally dunk myself as she was doing. Some of the other events this week include mountain biking, trail running, fly fishing, rock climbing, and even a photography competition.

Oh, and we did take a side trip on Thursday to the west side of the Rocky Mountain National Park and saw quite a few elk, and these two bulls were nice enough to pose for us...I would call this "I've Got Your Backside". We even saw several moose, something I had only seen in Wyoming in the past.

And then to close things out some pretty purple wild flowers again from the Betty Ford Flower Garden here in Vail.


J~Mom said...

Ah the pictures are just gorgeous!!! The scenery looks amazing! Good luck with the run today!!!!!!!

J~Mom said...

PS I do keep changing the pics, I can't seem to get my blog how I want it. :>)

Mary Christine said...

Thanks so much for sharing your joy with us. It sounds and looks fabulous! Can't wait to hear about the run.

Darrell said...

No mud???!! The pics are great. You gotta be enjoying all that natural beauty.