Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rain on the Plains

It's raining again in Oklahoma. Ok so 6 months to a year ago we were in a severe drought situation and now we are having daily flash floods. Mother Nature is truly mighty and finicky.

No run this morning so that means definite time in the gym tonight. Oh yes tonight we get our complimentary hour with a Physical Trainer....male it seems....perhaps I should be jealous of Bonnie for setting this up, but I'm not.

Anyway, back to the rain, I was dressed and out the door walking to the vehicle when it started, first a sprinkle, then a drizzle, and while I was on the phone calling my running partner it started to "rain". Our weather radio went off about 45 minutes ago too so there must be some severe weather in the area but just not here yet, so we opted to not do anything this morning. We have a rule that if it is raining before we start we will run even if it starts after we do. If it is raining while we are in the parking lot we will opt out of running.


Marcy said...

Bummer on the rain :-( Seems like you either have one extreme or the other in those parts, totally stinky!!

Have fun at the gym and personal trainer tonight!!! ;D

Ohhh and to answer your question from before. Yes I set the Garmin at 1000m intervals with 400m rest intervals in between (I figure out the conversions ahead of time so I don't have to bother switching the Garmin back and forth from meters to miles). Easy as pie :-)

J~Mom said...

I would sure like some rain! :>)