Wednesday, April 11, 2007

April 11 5 mile run

This morning I completed a 5 mile run/walk with several club members. The pace was 12:24 or so. I'm without my old Polar watch and also without my new Garmin (the start/stop button appeared to be defective so I sent it back to Garmin this morning and should have a replacement on Friday, in time for my 10k run on Sunday). Without either of them I feel lost, guess I've gotten too spoiled with technology.

I'm so glad that I ran this morning as the wind is howling here this afternoon. I wanted to do another 5 miles this afternoon before our Wed evening church group meeting but I'm opting out, or wimping out. I'll give my left heel and arch a rest.


Phil said...

Next time the weather turns nasty, go out for a run (as long as there's no lightning to worry about). I've had some of my most peaceful workouts running through the rain and snow (while out of town of course).

Michelle said...

Bummer about the Garmin, but that's great they'll be sending you a new one soon. I hope you get it before your race.

Great job with the run!

Phil said...

I've never heard of anyone having ankel problems after a pour nutrition day. Could be related to changing your gait as a result of getting tired during the run ... but don't really know.

Good luck with WW. I think that they've got a real good program based on balanced eating. Once you get the weight off and start getting your mileage up you'll have a great start on a sustainable diet.

Phil said...

Also ... we're still waiting for the race report!