Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fooled

This has been a hectic weekend of sorts and today put the icing on the cake. Friday night we lost power during one of the more windy rain cells that passed through the OKC area and we didn't get power back until sometime around midnight. We have an atomic alarm clock by the bed and it appeared to reset itself ok. Bonnie set the alarm on her watch to make sure that I got up in time for my 5k run, which we did and all went well there.
However, what we failed to forget was that the atomic clock would reset itself at 2 am Sunday morning for the "old Daylight Saving Time". So as a result I set the alarm to get up at 5 am this morning to prepare for the training run on the marathon route today at 8 am. I actually got up at 4 am instead and got my oatmeal down before I realized whilc watching the weather channel that is was only 4:45. The computer said 4:45, one of our battery driven clocks said 4:45, the clock on our DVD player that sets itself said 4:45. So I tried to sneak back into the bedroom, which doesn't work, and check our cell phones and they both said 4:45.
So now I'm fully convinced that I got an extra hour to be with myself and God to contemplate this run and to assure myself that with God's help I will not allow myself to harm my body, not intentionally.
Run smart - - Run steady

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J~Mom said...

Aww..I like that! Sometimes God just needs our attention for a few minutes!