Monday, April 30, 2007

Guntime - Chip Time Confusion

I noticed that after the HM yesterday that the OKC Marathon website showed my pace as 13:15, and for some reason I decided to calculate it and I came out with 12:43. It's not alot of difference but I like the idea of staying under 13 minutes. I haven't worked it out yet but suspect that the 13:15 has something to do with guntime. I did determine that the 13:15 is a guntime pace.


TX Runner Mom said...

Great job on the HM! Keep me posted on Houston. I'm planning to run the 1/2 too!

Anonymous said...

It's jkazmier from WW.Great job on this half. Thanks for saying that you are a Christian. I am too. Durango sounds great--it's beautiful, but I've signed up for my first full of the year on 10/14, so it's not for me this year. Keep going!