Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's Day

Well today I am going to participate in a practice run on the actual OKC Marathon/half-Marathon course. Yesterday Bonnie and I drove the half-marathon course to get a perspective of the elevation changes and learn exactly where it will be taking me.

Between mile 8 and 9 there is a long steady climb on Classen that seems to be the biggest of the hills. It may not be the steepest but it is definitely the longest in that most all of that mile is steady uphill.

We start at 8 am and there will be a group of runners from both the Edmond Running Club and the OK Landrunners Club participating this morning. I hope to meet new friends and perhaps learn from the more experienced of the runners, not the fastest but the ones that are near my pace but more experienced in how to maintain that pace.

My goal for today - - to push myself but to listen to my body and know when it may be time to stop. No records today, other than maybe to finish the half-marathon in "some" time frame.

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