Saturday, April 07, 2007

Great Run Saturday

I ran this morning with a group, a slow group and had a very good experience with them. Thanks to Lissa and her Navy heritage for not leaving a buddy behind and running with me at a slower pace. The others (Cindy, Mike, Bill, Bob, and Bill) ran slightly ahead of us on our route through Edmond.
We did 5.3 miles this morning in the cold 30something degrees and a light wind. Not sure of our exact time at this point but I believe it was just over an hour.


Backofpack said...

Hey Randy, thanks for stopping by my blog! I've got a leaky aortic valve that gives me periodic problems. Good for you for getting out running after your bypass. My docs told me to keep my heart rate below 160, and to take walk breaks every 10 minutes - so I run 9, walk 1. I've got the Garmin 205, and a polar watch and hr monitor. I use the rolling timer on the watch to track my runs. I've had the watch for a couple of years, and the garmin since Christmas. My husband is thinking he might get me a 305 and keep the 205 for himself - he has the old model, the 201 right now. Anyway, keep up the good work!

J~Mom said...

Great work on your five miles!