Sunday, April 22, 2007

Looking Ahead

I talked to my brother this morning that lives in Houston and the one that ran the Houston Marathon in January. He has commited to running with me in the half marathon in Durango, CO in October this year. That is great. Running there in October should be fantastic, the leaves should be changing and from what I have read about the course it is relatively flat by Colorado standards. I'm excited about it and excited that he will be running it with me. If you have never been to that part of Colorado, Durango is a former mining town that has a fantastic downtown area that caters to skiers in the winter and summer vacationers. There is great food, several micro-breweries and alot of local artisan shops.

Let me hear from anyone else that might be considering that run. They have a marathon that weekend as well as a trail run that I believe gives the hard core group a chance at a double double for the weekend.

My first HM is just a week from today and I'm excited. I'll be running tomorrow morning with my Monday morning group then heading out of town until Wednesday afternoon. If I don't get another run in while out of town I'll run with the Thursday morning group.

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J~Mom said...

Oh wow, CO would be so gorgeous!