Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I got inserts for my shoes that are supposed to help with the planter fasciitia and it does feel somewhat better. Last night I walked two miles in the neighborhood with Bonnie at roughly a 15:30 pace. Tonight because it is very windy and turning cold we are going to walk in the mall at least 2 miles I hope.

Tomorrow morning I will try running again. This will be the first run since the half marathon workout on Sunday. I will be meeting a small group of Edmond Running Club members at an early hour before sun up. I've not run with anyone before so this will be a new experience for me. I'm suspecting that this group may be a bit too fast paced for me and if so, there is another group that will run on Thursday morning that is more of the run/walk types and that sounds more like my current pace.

Thinking about all of this long term, meaning after the April 29th half marathon, I believe that I will want to continue to run and train for other half marathons and who knows maybe a marathon at some point in time. My eyes are slightly on the Houston Marathon in January '08 in hopes that my brother will want to enter again. It wouild mean alot to me to be able to run with him in that event, either in '08 or '09. The other thing that I want to focus on with my training is endurance and being able to run further and further with fewer walking episodes in the workout.

For now though I will settle for the run/walk strategy for the April 29 half marathon. I'm still very excited and want it to be here. Completing the training run on Sunday seems to have curbed some of my nervous jitters.


Phil said...

Nothing wrong with the run/walk strategy. 13.1 miles is a long way; however, once you get use to running this race it just might become your favorite. It's not like a 5K which is little more than a 3 mile sprint or a 10K where you're trying to run as fast as you can without blowing up for 45 minutes. You can run relaxed for the first 6 or 7 miles, enjoying the people around you and then start accelerating over the last 10K to finish strong. The half doesn't wipe you out like a full marathon, so you can get right back at it after a few days.

Good luck with the plantus fasciitis. It is one of the many foot problems I also have, you can work your way through it.

Thomas said...

Good Luck with the training. I had issues with plantar fasciitis myself a year ago, but luckily it went away, seemingly all by itself.