Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weird Saturday

Several times my brother, the one that also runs has told me that along with my running training that I should me logging everything that I do, that I eat, that I feel, etc. into some kind of a log so that I can more easily recognize when things don't quite feel right I have a reference as to why.
This morning while lying in bed, knowing that I can't eat just yet because today is weigh-in day for Bonnie and I at Weight Watchers at 10:00 AM, I realized that my ankles aren't feeling right. I feel this and I haven't even gotten out of bed at that point!! Good grief. I didn't run yesterday because of the heavy rain we are having and because we went to a great Michael W. Smith concert last night, he is awesome.
Anyway, this morning I'm lying in bed and I start to recount what I ate yesterday and I realize that I didn't have dinner last night due to the timing of the concert, so I ate a bowl of dry cereal last night, for lunch I had a banana, WW food bar, and some raisins, for breakfast, I skipped. Not a great day of food for anyone. No one my ankles feel weird. They hurt like they have done on a couple of runs where they felt like they wouldn't loosen up to run but eventually did after about 2 miles. Maybe those days were following bad food days as well.
I know WW wants you to journal your food intake and I've been a bad boy not doing that, but at long last I seem to be able to tie the benefit of doing that with perhaps a benefit for my running, so between the two maybe, just maybe I will start to journal there again. Best intentions. But I've blogged about it here so there is some accountability and I will talk about it at our meeting today, more accountability. I'll see where this all gets me.
Sorry for rambling, but I felt it needed to get out.


Phil said...

Best of luck with your 10K on Sunday. As long as you took the attitude that this was a longish tempo run, you should be fully recovered in time to run hard during your HM in two weeks.

Do remember to post the race report. We always enjoy reading about other peoples races.

J~Mom said...

I love Micheal W. Smith, I bet the concert was great! I have days of eating like is to a better week of journaling!