Saturday, June 02, 2007

We Found the Mud Run Course

Here is our start/finish line for the 5k Mud Run. It turns out the course is on a part of the lower ski slope and runs thru a tunnel beneath one of the ski lifts. At this point we aren't sure of the condition of the terrain in the tunnel. There was a 5k bike race on this same course this morning and then about an hour later it started to rain and sleet so we should truly have a full course of mud. If it hadn't rained the only deep mud that we should have experienced is pictured below.

That manmade bog hole is a part of the finish of each of our 3 laps and for some reason I want to believe that there will be alot more water added to it sometime this afternoon. Plus if it continues to rain, as it is predicted to do, the entire course will be alot of fun. The first quarter mile is all uphill, but then from there it appears to be downhile back to the finish. I'm considering taking my digital camera long in my fanny pack stored inside of 2 ziplock bags that I have in case I had needed to ice my leg before now. I so want some quick photos after the race...and maybe even during the race. I do have a disposable camera that I can snap photos along the race I suppose. I'm getting excited, but also apprehensive about losing a shoe in the mud hole.
Going to lay down and maybe take a nap for now.


J~Mom said...

Ok, that looks so cool!! I can't wait to hear about it!

If you are on the updated blogger then what you do is click edit on

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Then you should see a spot to upload a photo. From there you can click where you want the placement of the words.

Let me know if that doesn't do the trick! :>)

PS Yes, I often make up words. LOL It's oh so spaztastic of me. (I didn't even make up that one)

Marcy said...

I want to run that one!!! That looks sssooooooo cool!!! Might need a new pair of sneaks after this race, huh? LOL

Mary Gee said...

It's been raining here on the front range. I bet you get a load of mud!

Backofpack said...

Oh, can't wait to hear how this one turns out!

Eric and I used to teach whitewater kayaking in our college days. We kayaked in the rivers up here - glacial run off. Wetsuits keep you amazingly warm!