Monday, April 02, 2007

Half Marathon Training Run Log

Ok while it is still mostly fresh on my mind and so that I will have something to refer back to in a few weeks, here are some notes mile by mile of this first half marathon run:

Mile ONE: Time 9:53 - Oh what a fast start, I've got to learn to let the 20 year olds get out in front to lead the way, I'm not of that age bracket any longer and truly don't have any speed records to prove. With the route change so that we turn north on Mickey Mantle instead of Joe Carter there is a HUGE bridge on the north side of Bricktown that from the turn it looks like it is almost a vertical thing, very intimidating. I need to work on overcoming that.

Mile TWO: Time 11:52 - I let the bridge get to me and the time shows, although this should really be closer to the pace that I need to work towards. Steady Steady Steady

Mile THREE: Time 11:15 - I believe that Lincoln is slightly uphill when going north but I still gained a slight amount of time back here. I had four women that did great for pacing me over this part of the route even though they slowly pulled away from me. I later caught back up to them around mile 6 I believe.

Mile FOUR: Time 12:04 - I was starting to get a bit tired, running alone but had other runners in sight. After turning west on 28th from Lincoln the streets are a bit torn up from the icing this winter and you have to watch your step especially through the intersections.

Mile FIVE: Time 11:00 - My pace picked up slightly as part of this mile is back downhill on 23rd and the uphill run towards Robinson didn't seem to be that bad. In retrospect I think I got a bit of a second wind somewhere along here. I knew that my shins weren't hurting and that my left heel was only minimally noticeable.

Mile SIX: Time 11:41 - This is mostly through Harvey Parkway an easy run level most of the way. I was looking for Bonnie along here and when I didn't find her I got a bit concerned and called during a time that I was walking. During this time I passed two of the four women that I had been with at mile 2. I learned later that they only wanted to run 10 miles so they had turned around at some point and made their way back to the finish line. I was now alone with only one other runner behind me. At the end of Mile 6 or beginning of Mile 7 I was delayed for a light at 36th Street. I've noted that below also as part of the reason for a slower Mile 7.

Mile SEVEN: Time 13:22 - I think I was letting my mind worry about Bonnie's situation here and it along with the climb up to Walker slowed me down. It is still a good time though not too far off a decent pace for me. I was also slowed at Walker and 36th waiting on a traffic light to turn to my favor, maybe 30 or 40 seconds there and then downhill to 38th Street. This neighborhood was nice to run through, lots of tulips blooming. Turning right on Shartel I was suddenly following another male. Then left onto 42nd and off towards Western.

Mile EIGHT: Time 14:17 - During this mile I caught up with the male in front of me. We ran together for a bit and then he left me as he was running the 20 mile route. At 50th Street where I was to turn left, I took a quick nature call break at a convenience store so that is most of the reason for the slower pace here. I also heard from Bonnie that she got the vehicle going and would meet me somewhere on Classon. It was great to know she was safe and on the move again.

Mile NINE: Time 15:48 - The only thing I can attribute this slow time to was the steady rise that Classon has from 50th Street up to near 23rd Street. I am so glad that this rise is gentle and steady so that it isn't truly overpowering, but there is alot of it. I was alone for all of this run and I believe in the marathon there will be many other runners here that will help with the pace. This is the area where the full marathoners will rejoin us half marathon runners.

Mile TEN: Time 11:55 - Finally reaching 23rd Street and knowing that the uphill part of Classon is behind is such a great feeling. There were times here of running in the street and then a need to run on the sidewalk to avoid some of the traffic. The sidewalk was rough and uneven making the street the preferred place to run but sometimes traffic was just a bit too wild. None the less I was so glad to see Bonnie with an ice cold Gatorade at 23rd Street.

Mile ELEVEN: Time 14:14 - As the run takes me into Mesta Park I'm still enjoying the homes that I run by. The time is a bit slower and I really can't account for that other than I was getting tired. I believe that some of the way on Shartel might have been slightly uphill.

Mile TWELVE: Time 13:11 - A good deal of this part of the course runs east on 18th Street and I believe it has a pretty good uphill grade to it. By this time I was feeling the need to walk such a hill. I need to work on some reserve here to increase this time just a bit. But at the corner of 18th and Harvey my best dreams began to come true....a long down hill route.

Mile THIRTEEN: Time 13:26 - By now my legs were getting tired and my left heel was hurting quite a bit. A slower time than my overall pace but not a bad time for this part of the run. This is where I will be strategizing during the real race to have some "umph" left to work this downhill area better. Run smart. Turning the corner onto Broadway was like seeing heaven, knowing that in just a few short blocks the run would be over.

Down Broadway to the FINISH: Time 8:12 - Yes it's downhill, yes I was tired at this point, oh and yes the cobblestones at the intersections on Broadway seem to be a tough surface to run on, I'm glad the entire race isn't run on those. I finished, I finished....wooohooo. It is something knowing that I can complete that distance, not all running but using a run/walk strategy and being as consistent as I can be got me there. Now to look towards running smarter the day of the race. And staying healthy in between now and then. NOTE: My Polar watch says that I ran a total of 13.5 miles, slightly longer than 13.1 miles of a half marathon. I can't explain this. So I think that is why the last time to the finish appears goofy. Chalk it up to being a newbie.

Split Times: 1st Half - 1:17:50
2nd Half - 1:34:56
Again the newbie in me isn't totally sure of these times but I believe them to be close. Definitely not a negative split. I believe the overall message though is to start slower.....start slower....


teacherwoman said...

Nice job on your 13.5 miles! :)

Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope to see you there again! I like to share my thoughts on my workouts/runs/cycling and just life in general; music, life, basketball, baseball, graduate school, and sometimes my teaching career...

In regards to your question in relation to where I am located --> currently I am living in Grand Forks and have since I graduated high school in 1999. Before then I was born and raised in Bismarck, and both my parents are from North Dakota small towns... I am looking forward to making a move out of state when I graduate with my masters in may... who know's where life will take me!

J~Mom said...

Hey great job!!! You did great! Yeah, you might have started out a hair fast but other then that looks great!! I know that felt fantastic!

teacherwoman said...

In response to your question about spin --> It is a form of cycling on a stationary bike. It is set up so you can adjust the seat, handle bars, and be able to adjust the tension. It is part of a group exercise class and I usually go tuesdays and thursdays. The instructors work us pretty hard, but I love it! 45-50 minutes of heaven!

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Teacherwoman - thanks, that sounds like the type of bike they had me using during my rehab work after my surgery in 2005.

Anonymous said...

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