Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's Race Weekend - Update - Got 5 miles in

Well it's finally here, the weekend of my first half marathon. Thursday night Bonnie and I got to meet Bill Rodgers and at 59 he still seems to be going strong. He will be running the half with me tomorrow, so I'll be in the company of the elite, at least at the start line.

Update: I did get out early this morning and did 5 miles on the streets of Edmond. Time was 58:21 and avg HR was 142 with Max at 156. The real difference is there was no pain, anywhere. I'm ready for tomorrow, I'm physically ready and in my mind as I indicate below I'm very ready, I know I can do this. The time today was a 1/1 run/walk and I was surprised at the time.

Yesterday I picked up my runner's packet and got my timing chip and my bib number (3314). There must be something magical about that number because this morning I feel no pain at all in my left leg, heel, or arch....WOOOHOOO.

When I ran the training route (13.1 miles) on April 1 I had run a 5k on Saturday so I'm about to head out to do 3 to 5 easy run/walk miles and see what the body says to me. I haven't run this week since Monday due mostly to weather and work issues.

Am I excited, oh yes. However, I told Bonnie last night that all day long I've run the course in my mind and I was running easily, almost without effort and I finished strong. So at least in my mind I know I can do this and do it well with regard to my other runs. The big focus though for me will be to just finish. The time will be what it will be, as my first official timed half marathon. At the same time I am so very humbled that God has given me this chance to work on my health in this fashion and I thank His love everyday for giving me this second chance 2 years ago.

My daughter got into town last night and I am excited that she is here to witness me running and to cheer me on. She's a bit undecided about running a part of the race with me, and I'll leave that up to her, just having her on my team is enough incentive for me to run and run well, knowing that she and Bonnie will be at various points and at the finish line will bring me home with a smile on my face.

More later......


Phil said...

Best of luck on Sunday Randy. Looks like the weather will be nice if not a tad bit breezy. You should do great. All that excitement and stress that you're feeling tonight and tomorrow morning will was away as soon as you cross the start line.

You do great. Just stay within yourself, run your race and have a great time. Looking forward to the race report.

Michelle said...

Good luck tomorrow, Randy!

I can't wait to read the race report!! You will do awesome!