Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Long Run

We did 15+ miles this morning, it was windy, looked like rain, and was humid. It didn't rain until after lunch though. The run was long but enjoyable. I had hoped I would be running in new shoes (Etonics) but I didn't get to pick them up until after our run today. So I'll be spending some time in them tomorrow and all of this week, prior to our half marathon race coming up next Saturday.

Bonnie joined us for the last 5.5 miles and she did great. This was the part of the route that turned a bit hilly and she did them like a trooper. I'm very proud of her efforts and I can't wait to see how she does in her first 10k next Saturday while others of us will be doing the half marathon.

On our run today, which was another of those "virgin" experiences for me as I had never ran this particular route before, we actually found close to $1.00 in change on the street...woohoo.

Besides the coins other things noted included:

A Key
Several screws
A Bolt
Dead squirrel
Banana peel (saw this near the 13 mile marker...I wanted to stop and suck on the peel)
Partially eaten cheese sandwich (Bonnie saw this)
Very large dog on a chain...thank God for the chain
Beer cans (no I didn't attempt to drain them)

I ran relatively pain-free again today, but after our run I noticed that my right foot is sore behind my 1st metatasal, am wondering if I might have bruised it. Shins hurt but only in a minor way.

Total Time: 3:39:18
Pace: 14:17
Avg HR: 143
Max HR: 175

Rough Splits
1st Half: 1:54
2nd Half: 1:45

Woohoo to the negative splits....but I have to admit that bathroom breaks up front certainly help the negative splits on these runs.


Marcy said...

"Beer cans (no I didn't attempt to drain them)"

It would've made the run more enjoyable, no?

Molly said...

Hey Randy

Sorry to be so out of tough...sounds like you are doing great - you look great in your marathon pics! What an accomplishment!

Take Care

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Swilling empty beer cans and sucking on banana that would have been a new runner's high!!!!!

J~Mom said...

Ah that is a funny combination of stuff!! Wow, Randy, that is a lot of miles!! You are the mileage dude!!