Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Travel and Run

Well today was another travel day, back to OKC from Denver. I didn't run last night as I wasn't sure of the neighborhood that I was staying in and I opted out on the hotel treadmill, wimpy me I guess.

Today though I did meet one of my running buddies, Cindy, and we did what has become our normal Thursday 5k "run" with no walk breaks. But today I did have to take a potty break close to the 2 mile point. So I crashed our time. Still it wasn't bad. I had the 3.1 miles at 33:40 and Cindy had the same distance at 32:52 or so. I don't stop my watch though for breaks, I'm thinking that she must have.

Total Distance: 3.1 miles
Total Time: 33:40
Pace: 10:52
Avg HR: 154 Max HR: 165

Mile 1: 10:08
Mile 2: 11:30
Mile 3: 10:59
.1 Mi: 10:30

I was tired when we were done, but then I haven't been pushed like that for over a week.

Saturday is the "Tulsa Run", not the marathon, but a 15k race that is supposed to be alot of fun with some really good SWAG. Hey speaking of that, does anyone know what SWAG stands for? Bonnie will be running the 15k with us. It will be the first for that distance for both of us.


Unknown said...

I've heard that SWAG stands for "Stuff We All Get" and have understood it to be simply the standard giveaway, but I'm really not sure if that is what it stands for!!

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

That sounds good to me Lisa...thanks

ws said...

Lisa is right on - though once you have enough random useless giveaways I feel like it should be "Sh*t We All Get."

Good luck at your race on Saturday...

Marcy said...

LMAO Wendy!! I wondered the same thing Randy!!

Mendy said...

"Potty break". I'm glad to hear others use that. I actually use that term in any environment I'm in, including my work. I have an excuse, a 2ft troll.

That's a sweet pace you got going there!

Jess said...

I never knew it was an acronym! Huh. I learn something everyday.

J~Mom said...

Wow, Randy, awesome splits!!!