Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Blog/HTML question

Oh for the want of experience. I have a Donation Form created in MS Word for documentation of people making donations for my charity run at the Honolulu Marathon. Can anyone help me with a way that I can create a hyperlink on my blog (maybe labelled TeamAutism Donation Form) that will cause them to see the form and be able to download it? What I'm trying to do is get someone to a point where they have this form they can copy and hang on to as an initial form of receipt for their donation and that they can put into snail mail to me along with a check. We don't have a PayPal option at this point and besides PayPal takes a certain percentage of the donation for the use of their system.

Any help would be appreciated.


Marcy said...

Sorry Randy I'm of no use :-( Hopefully someone will know :-)

Mary Gee said...

Me too. No help. I wanted to get back to you on the question about the Bible School I am beginning....
It is the Denver Catholic Biblical School. It is 4 years of Bible Study. The first year is the Old Testament. I am really excited about it. Feel free to e-mail if you want to hear more... I don't want to be boring.

J~Mom said...

Randy, I forget what the benefit is again but is it not one that you can link through active.com? There are some preset pages that will do that for you already. I will ask DH about the formatting for you.

Joe said...

Randy, go to Google and then to Google Docs. Since you already have a blogger account, you can use that to sign in.

From there, you can upload or make a Word document and then publish it to the web. Free hosting via Google. Then, you can paste that URL into a link, which people can go to, print out the form and mail to you.

It is all free and pretty simple...I messed with it for some of my own uses last night.

Hope this helps!!