Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wimped Out Trip

Well I'm home early from Houston and I didn't run in Memorial Park while I was there. I had to return home a day and half early for a work meeting that I got wind of while I was at the OKC airport heading to Houston on Tuesday evening. That flight was delayed so I was over 2 hours late getting there. Then the return flight to OKC was delayed about 3 hours so I didn't get home last night until 12:15. I DID get out of bed this morning to run and actually drove to where I was to meet my Thursday running partner. She thought I was still out of town so she didn't bother to show up. I was tired and let my left brain talk me out of running alone. Sooooooo, tomorrow I'm getting up early enough to be picked up at 4:15 "AM" to run with my marathon training buddies and we are going to do about 11.5 miles around Lake Hefner. Then Saturday Bonnie and I have a 5k run. I'm thinking I would like to get at least 5 miles in on Saturday so I will need to add another 2 miles to that run at some point in the day.

I'm just a bit frustrated with myself after such a big week last week. I know there are up and down weeks, but I just have to get more control of what my left brain is telling my body it want's to do. Somehow I've got to wake the right side up, maybe I need a shot of coffee before leaving the house to get it stimulated and producing positive "I can do it" kinds of thoughts.

If anyone catches on that I'm just rambling, I guess that is what I am doing trying to mask that I didn't run today, but I am looking forward to the 11+ run tomorrow. With any luck Sunday could be the start of another "good" week. We have some folks from the club going to run 8 miles or so that if my legs are willing I think I will try, at a slower pace than all the others I'm sure, but at least I'll be out on the street.


Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Lisa - JavaMom - if you read this, what has happened to your blog? I've tried to go there tonight (Thursday) and it doesn't appear to be working?

Michelle said...

Randy, do you have her new blog address? If you email me (, I will give it to you. I don't know if you're still trying to visit her Javamom on the run blog, but she deleted it and started a new one. :-)

Anyway, I hear you about having good weeks and bad ones. I have been really lucky and have had several good weeks, but I know a bad week could be just around the corner. I always remember that if I have a bad one, I can start fresh with a good one and no one will know! LOL!

Backofpack said...

Thanks for the prayers for my friends and the wise comment on the post. I appreciate your input. My sister-in-law sent me a wonderful email about how she thinks my brother makes it through. I'm very proud of my little brother (okay, younger brother, he's 6'4" and about 280).

As for your bad week - blow it off and call it a cut-back week. We all need those in our training plan. And as for the coffe pre-run, Eric will drink coffee before a race. My tummy can't take it, but I drink at least a half cup of tea every morning before I go out. I think it does help wake you up.

Good luck this weekend!

Marcy said...

(((HUGS))) Randy, don't sweat it!! We all have those up and down weeks with running. Maybe this Sat you'll surprise yourself with a PR to make up for the bad runs :-)